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HOURLY RATES VARY FROM: $24 - $28   |   LIVE IN: $575 - $675   |   MED BOX FILL: $65

Grocery Shopping/Errands

ACH Caregivers will do grocery shopping for our clients and other errands. Including picking up prescriptions, dry cleaning, a trip to the post office, etc

Medication Reminders

ACH cannot administer mediations, they can help ensure that clients take their own medication as prescribed at the time they need to take it. We also offer other optional services.

24 Hour Services

ACH customizes care to each client’s needs anything from a few hours a week to full- time care. Through our 24 hr. services we provide full-time care giving where our client is never alone. You may designate the types of non-medical in-home care services to be provided. This service gives family members peace of mind, knowing that someone is always there.

respite care

Care giving can be rewarding and often strengthens bonds within a family. At the same time, care giving can be demanding with life's other responsibilities. Family caregivers and those in their care can benefit from a little time off now and then. That is why ACH offers relief care giving. This service can be scheduled as needed to provide family caregivers time to run errands, go shopping or get some much-needed rest.

Personal Care Services


ACH housekeeping services include vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning kitchens, laundry services, straightening all rooms, organizing closets and drawers, and cleaning any interior windows within reach.
ACH does not provide landscaping or other outdoor maintenance.

Transferring and Positioning

Proper transferring and positioning from or into beds and chairs eliminate pressure areas on the skin, to prevent bed sores, reducing weakening and stiffening of muscles, and to assure that the patient is breathing normally.

Conversation and Companionship

ACH is available to provide clients company and engage in conversation, or to sit down to share a meal together.
Social contact such as this is proven to enhance the health, happiness and quality of life of seniors.

meal preparation

ACH Caregivers will prepare hot, delicious, and nutritious meals, allowing clients to help with preparation according to their ability.
Many seniors require strict diets according to their healthcare needs and our caregivers are trained to assure that our clients follow their diet plan.
Most do not have the opportunity to eat a well-balanced meal, so this service helps seniors get the nutrition they need to enjoy healthier living.


ACH helps client’s look and feel their best. These services will enhance client’s mental as well as physical well-being, helping them feel positive about their appearance. Bathing not only cleanses the skin, but refreshes the spirit and stimulates circulation.




Skilled Personal Attendant

HHA/CNA: Care for non-ambulating clients. Hoyer lift, assisted & non-assisted transfers. Catheter and incontinence care. Bowel and bladder training, intake and outtake of fluid logs.

Log blood pressure, temperature and pulse. Oxygen & breathing treatments. Working knowledge of diabetes and glucose testing. Care for Hospice clients. Caring for bed bound clients including sponge baths, feeding, positioning, and range of motion and skin integrity. Including all duties listed in the Companion Care Personal Attendant description.

$27 per hour

Companion Care Personal Attendant

Daily needs of ambulatory clients. Assist with bathing, dressing, hair, make-up and shaving. Client safety when ambulating and walking. Exercise or walk client according to Individualized Care Plan. Prepare meals, assist with eating and log information. Supervise client’s medication. Grocery shopping, housekeeping (vacuum, dust, dishes, laundry, plants, pets). Keep a detailed log of client’s health and condition to inform the next caregiver.

$25 per hour

$575.00 - $675.00 per day


Duties include cleaning of all rooms in home. Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, trash, interior window cleaning at reach, laundry (folded and put away), oven and refrigerator

cleaning, changing of linens, cleaning bathtubs, basins, toilets, watering of plants, washing walls, pet care.

$30.00 per hour

 (minimum 2 hrs)

Personal Care Hygiene Visit

Personal care including bathing, showering, oral hygiene, skin, hair care and make-up.

$60.00 per visit
(2 hours)

Med Box Fill

A licensed Pharmacy Technician will review the client’s prescriptions, call in the refill order, fill the pill box, and instruct the client on how and when to take the medication. This service ensures that client’s medications are accurately and legally dispensed for the safety of our clients. Weekly, bi-monthly, monthly visits available.

$65.00 per visit


I.E. run errands, doctors appointments, etc.

$54.00 round trip

If Live-in caregiver is required to bring own meals there will be an additional charge of $10.00

A Caring Heart Home Care only employs caregivers who have been carefully screened, bonded and insured.

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